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SmartRigger ®

What makes the SmartRigger® different from any other electric fence outrigger is the simple fact that it springs back after impact with an animal which leads to a RELIABLE electric fence on your farm.

It is realy easy to install and scews onto the post with a bugle batten screw. It can easily be install onto concrete or steel post using the appropriate fasteners.

NZ Patent No. 747855 & 755631

Patent Pending USA



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To  be innovative one has to disregard conventional wisdom

SmartGate ®
Center Pivots

The SmartGate ® is a SmartWand ® applied to center pivot irrigation systems. Simple as that. Its super easy to install and with the innovative design of the isolator no extra fittings is require to connect the hot wire.  Cows hate them, so sure you will love them.

SmartWand ®
For Deer Fences

The SmartWand® is a an easy  to install electric deer fence protector that at extra protection again pacing deer along the fence while keeping the hotwire 4cm of the post. No extra fitting is needed to connect the hotwire and installs in seconds with the innovative design of the isolator. 

NZ Patent No. 747855 & 755631
Patent Pending USA

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