TC Fence Systems is a design and manufacture company operating on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. Supported by a small team of friends and family

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New Zealand Office:

Tel: +64 (0) 4 212 5515

Office hours

Monday to Friday

9am to 5pm Auckland Pacific time.

We are excited to announce a partnership between Taragate and TC Fence Systems.

Our range of SmartRiggers and SmartWands will now be available exclusively from Taragate.

Please contact 0800 82 72 42 or email info@taragate.co.nz

SmartRigger (tm)

SmartRigger (tm)

The SmartRigger is a durable electric fence offset that can take the punch. It is truly

Bull-it Proof.

To  be innovative one has to disregard conventional wisdom

SmartWand (tm)

For Deer Fences

The SmartWand is an easy to install electric deer fence protector and prevent deer from pacing along the fence and to protect fence and fence post


ArrowBatten (tm)

The ArrowBatten is a durable and long lasting,  easy to install wire batten good for any rural fence

The ArrowBatten and clips is made from 10 Gauge Fencing wire and have many advantages over conventional timber or plastic battens.

Easy to install with no special tools needed and with the unique design wire clip will ensure a long lasting rural fence.

Available soon in New Zealand only.