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Frequently asked questions

  • How long is the warranty on the SmartRigger
    Our warranty will extend for 10 years
  • Where can we buy the SmartRigger?
    The SmartWand, SmartRigger and SmartGate is available from
  • What makes the SmartRigger Different from other outriggers or offsets?
    From our many observations and feedback from farmers we realized that the current outriggers does not withstand the harsh environment on the farm very well. Animals do end up knocking the outriggers around every so often and causes a fault in the electric system. We looked at ways to make an outrigger that will simply bend out of the way without dislodging of the fence post of wire. Our outrigger simply bends out of the way and bounces back. The insulator base is made from very strong and high quality plastics and will withstand most impact from animals.
  • Is it easy to install the SmartRigger
    Yes, very easy! See a quick demonstration video here. To install the SmartRigger on a timber post, we do recommend a good portable battery drill. We include an 8mm nutsetter in each order which attach to a a portacble power drill. The screw slides into the center of the plastic insulator. A sealing cap is then placed into the tube to prevent dirt, water and insects entering the tube. This also seals the screw from harsh environments. Once the insulator is attached, wind the hotwire into the eye of the SmartRigger and then with a small twist slide it onto the insulator. When installing onto a concrete post you will need to drill a shallow 6.5mm hole with a masonry drill. Remove the dust. We have included a masonry metal pin anchor for each SmartRigger. The pin is placed inside the tube and lightly hammered onto the post using a pin that fits in the tube and hammer.


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