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Bull-it proof.

We just installed a our 15cm SmartRiggers on a bull farm in Hawke's Bay and will keep and we will now prove to farmers that our system is really "Bull-it proof". Installing the SmartRigger on a concrete post takes a bit more time than timber post as one need to drill a hole in the concrete but the advantage is that the SmartRigger is installed on a solid platform and will last many years on the post.

One of the reason to install outriggers as a retrofit on older fences is that the farmer want to extend the life of his fence at a lower cost of a new fence. That is why electric fences are so attractive off course but one also don't want to spend time troubleshooting the system. Your time is also very valuable. That is why one must focus on the end result and choose a hardware product that will last and be very reliable.

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