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Not your average Electric fence Pigtail

The idea was born from the fact that so animals do run into the electric fence outriggers that goes by many names around the world i.e side mounted pigtails, electric fence offsets, electric fence outriggers.

What makes the SpringRigger different from any other outrigger is that it will give way in the event an animal or machinery accidentally make contact with it saving you a lot of time having to go find why the electric wire is shorting to ground somewhere along the fence while the cows are having a laugh at you.

Even if the electric system is off for some reason the SpringRigger will make sure the wire stay put and that they also don't go anywhere.

The SpringRigger is also a live-tip which will make sure the animals do learn to respect them over time. The base insulator is also made from long lasting plastic that will withstand UV sunrays for many year. Did you know that white and coloured plastics is allowing sun rays to enter the material and causing more UV damage. That explains why those coloured plastics crack easily.

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