TC Fence Systems is a design and manufacture company operating on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. Supported by a small team of friends and family

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All prices are GST Exclusive

All prices are GST Exclusive

The SmartRigger 23 stands 23 cm of the fence post. Each pack includes 20 x Type 17, 14 Gauge self drill screws with a B8 coating that is rated at twice the corrosion protection of class 4 AS3566 and eight times the hardness of Class 4 Coatings. If required, longer screws can be selected instead at extra cost.


We recommend Bugle Batten screws for vertical installations on top of fence post and older fence posts


Each 5 pack order will receive a complimentary 8mm nutsetter worth $10 or Allen for the Bugle Batten screw


Each 5 pack order will receive a complimentary 8mm nutsetter worth $10.

The SmartRigger 23cm is not as stiff as the 15cm. We recommend using these on easier terrain and with lighter material i.e tapes but can be used with metal wires. on more level terrain


The design of the SmartRigger prevents animals from knocking the outrigger of the posts or bending them out of shape


The insulator is designed to be strong and is made from High Density Polyethylene with UV protection

SmartRigger 23cm (Pack of 20 for Timber)

Screw Lengths

    All prices are GST Exclusive