TC Fence Systems is a design and manufacture company operating on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. Supported by a small team of friends and family

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All prices are GST Exclusive

All prices are GST Exclusive

The SmartWand easily installs in seconds. The electrified wire is retained by the spring and a unique designed insulator. This insulator is very durable and will not easily break on impact with animals.

  • The deer can not damage the wand as it is fully flexible.

  • Deer does not get tangled in an offset wire

  • the outrigger insulator is also the carrier for the electrified wire

  • Can easily be bridge to a SmartWand on the other side of the fence

  • Prevent deer from rubbing fence post - saving time and money

  • Prevent deer from pacing near the fence

  • Super strong Insulator screwed onto fence with very strong 65mm Type 17 Screw.

Please contact us for more information and availability and bulk discounts.


(New Zealand Patent Application No. 751263)

SmartWand 100cm Deer Fence protector (Pack of 10 and with 65mm Timber screws)


    All prices are GST Exclusive