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Why the renderings?


First of all it's fun to do and no, we don't want to trick anyone into believing they are real. 


As a small company and just starting out we realized the cost of setting up fences for photo shoots where lots of variables play a role in the success of the results like; weather, location, photographer skill and everything that goes with photo shoots, so we started playing around with the idea to use our already designed concepts and learned how easy it was to create these wonderful renderings in house at a very low cost. 


It enables us to demonstrate our products just like an Architect would do and it also give us the ability to see ourselves what our product will look like on different fences and then we can dream up new ideas in the process.


We use Google Sketchup Pro for our prototype designs with an extension called Brigther3d to make the renderings. For the background images we use  HDR photos from which supply free HDR's for a donation and they are really good too.

water drops.png
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